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College Life: Most of us have gone through it. Some of us made it through it, others weren't as lucky. The details are here to make your own opinions on a current college student as he struggles through life. It's not so simple anymore.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Moving Closer

With my intense workload, I have accumulated a loss of sleep over the time. I don't know about anyone else while they were in college, but for me, the lack of sleep is a new thing for me.

Last night and early this morning, while most people are in their inebriated state, for a few days called the Christmas Daze, I was plucking away at papers. THIRTEEN HOURS later, I was crawling into bed for a four hour slumber I greatly needed. I did a lot of work in those four hours. I finished my research paper for today, proof read my Traditional Folklore paper, made bibliographies for both, come up with eleven journal entries for a class, and started my cultural studies exam. They didn't get done necessarily in this order, but you get the point.

Including my cultural studies paper, I have only two papers left to write. They both take place instead of an actual exam, so I shouldn't really complain. I don't know, maybe I'm tired and stressed and maybe I need a place to vent some pent of frustration. Or maybe, I like to ramble about nothing in particular. I'm just so close to being done.


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