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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas TIme

We are in the midst of the Christmas Season. We can just sit back and watch the snow fall while sipping on our hot chocolate and munching slowly on the Christmas cookies by the fire. It's a great time. For some families, it is one of the few times that everyone gathers together and enjoys the day.

What is life like for college students? I haven't seen my parents in three months. I don't know what to get them or any member of my family. What makes it worse is that my mother apparently bought me my presents. How am I supposed to compete with that? That makes me feel bad because Christmas is next week and I don't have anything to give.

Anyway, before I make this depressing, Christmas is supposed to be the time of joy. Sitting next to the fire with the pets by your side. While my pets, at least the cats, just pass out into a coma next to the fire, my faithful dog will be by my side. There I will probably be telling my stories from Ireland countless times to family and friends. It will be good fun, and a good 'craic.' Man I love Irish slang.


At 8:39 PM, Blogger Chance2288 said...

Stopped by on my own Exodus blog your journal. sounds like a cliche, but to your parents, I bet just getting to see you will be enough. Oh yeah, and years ago, an old man told me, as we were waiting in line to register for community college, and I was worried that anthropology wasn't practical enuff...he said, do what you love, the rest will follow. The best advice I have ever gotten. I pass this on, one anthropologist to one soon to be...


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