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Thursday, November 24, 2005

What A Way To Celebrate

Today happens to be Thanksgiving. The day when families across America get a chance to sit down with one another and enjoy a graciously prepared feast. Depending on where you are, the meals don't last particularly long, maybe an hour or so. But, the point is, for some families, is that a quality time is spent together.

Unfortunately for me, I don't get a Thanksgiving here in Ireland. Much to my dismay, there is no honey baked ham (turkey is disgusting) sitting in between the stuffing and the potatoes. While the University of Limerick did put on a display of Thanksgiving today (from 12:00-6:00) it just isn't the same. And besides, there probably isn't any football to watch after, which is also a tradition of mine.

I don't know, after 17 years of spending Thanksgiving with family and to suddenly, on the 18th Thanksgiving I've had to suddenly be alone. Well, not alone because there are going to be more people there, but I won't have the family there to enjoy the food (especially the stuffing) with.

And to top it off, I'm working yet again on some papers. Well, right now I'm not, but I do have one for Irish Traditional Music open. I'm just procrastinating again. This is definately the greatest way to celebrate Thanksgiving.


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