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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just A Walk In The Park

The weather, as dreary as it is, does not deter the locals from scurrying about. While, they do go about in shorter bursts, they are still hustling about doing their errands.

As I gazed out my dorm room window this morning, I was greeted by the unpleasant site of a cloudy sky, with not even a hint of a good day mixed in. While I am sitting inside right now (yes I am procrastinating again) looking out, listening to music, and typing this, I get more down with each passing glance outside.

I didn't think that just looking out would kill someone's mood. I think that it's kind of strange really. Looking out and seeing bad weather shouldn't bring someone down. Given I wasn't exactly jovial this morning (late morning specifically) but still, weather shouldn't play a part in emotions.

Maybe it has something to do that with clouds, impending doom is coming. Not the apocalyptic doom, more like cats and dogs are streaking down from the clouds above. Naturally, my hypothesis is this, if the natives go dashing for cover, that is a good sign that something bad is about to happen. Hopefully, it will only be rain that they are running from.

If the majority of people I come across over the next few days look like they're waiting for Noah to come rowing by, I'll take it as a pretty good guess that rain is on the way.


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